My Letter Regarding the IOCC

My letter to the IOCC in response to their selection of Paul Sarbanes as honorary chairman:

Dear Mr. Triantafilou,
I was quite distressed to learn of IOCC’s decision to name Paul Sarbanes as the honorary chairman of its 20th anniversary gala. When an organization, such as IOCC, selects an individual as an honorary chairman, they are holding that individual up as someone who exemplifies the principles for which the organization stands.
In the case of Paul Sarbanes, we can look at his voting record in the Senate to understand the principles he believes in. In deed, for a public official, there is no better way to make that determination. Unfortunately, Mr. Sarbanes has taken extreme positions regarding abortion, such that it is hard to imagine that his views are anything other than unreserved support. He has even gone so far as to oppose laws that would levy additional criminal penalties on those who harm an unborn child during the commission of a crime.
IOCC officially claims that its vision is to respond without discrimination to those in need. Who is in greater need than a baby facing death at its own mother’s hand? How does honoring Paul Sarbanes, and making him the gala chairman, do anything but call into question the stated vision of IOCC? What am I supposed to think about the decision making process of an organization who apparently agrees with Paul Sarbanes that babies are something less than persons, able to be killed off at the whim of their mothers?
My family has supported IOCC extensively over the years, but at this point, our support must end. We have a finite budget, and our money is better spent with other Orthodox charities in whom I can have faith that they will support the dignity and life of all human beings.
I hope, as well, that the Episcopal Assembly will take a closer look at IOCC when it comes time to formally approve various organizations. I am not clear that IOCC is that interested in adhering to the Orthodox faith.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Lee
Member, Sts. Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church, GOArch
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California


His Eminence, Demetrios, Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
His Eminence, Gerasimos, Metropolitan of San Francisco, GOArch
His Grace, Andonios, Coordinator for Agencies and Endorsed Organizations, Episcopal Assembly